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10:10 February 2016

For this months 10:10 blog circle, I wanted to share some of the images I have been "reworking" over the last while. What do I mean by reworking? Well, these were images I shot 4 - 5 years ago and I was unhappy with....not because the raw shot was not right...but because my knowledge of post processing was so limited that I couldn't do the other half of what is now involved in my photography.

Now, before we go to far, I'd like to clarify that my work isn't about excessive manipulation in post production. The foundation for a very good image is made when it is first photographed in my opinion.....the quality of the light, the composition, the connection, the story etc. If it is a shit image to start, it will be a shit image to end. Now that that has been said lets move on to the fun stuff.

So here in no specific order are some of my revamped babies

This was shot in Havana Veija, a neighbourhood in Cuba. This is home to multiple families. (photographed in 2011)

Back in 2011 when I was in Cuba I was more comfortable with being a landscape photographer than the street/documentary/reportage style photographer I have become. I was stood by the seaside about to take a sunset seascape shot when I saw the kids playing in the surf. I am glad I didn't tamp down the urge to take the shot.

This one was from Havana, Cuba....I came across this performance....the singer was this...voluptous loud woman...and she alternated between playing the drums...singing...and doing the splits while dancing with some young men. The lady was on fire!

And now off to Cambodia we go; I met this beautiful woman in 2013 when visiting a temple. Did you know that in Cambodia elderly women are less likely to be educated or to have a surviving spouse. They rely on their children and grandchildren for support; but with increased numbers of that generations leaving the country the available support is limited. To ease the burden on their families, these older widowed women will often live in a pagoda as temple helpers. They are not nuns; instead they are referred to as "Mae Chi" and have the job of preparing the alters. Characteristically they all shave their heads.

I love how beautifully rich and diverse different places of worship are. Shot in the first temple I entered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2013.

Aaahhhh....the Pacific north west...also known as home in my books. This was a warm crisp winters day back in 2010; I just love how the heavens seem to be spilling down to touch the earth.

Seascapes....that is all...just beautiful beautiful seascape from 2010

And the next 2 shots were created on New Years day of 2015; the day I officially started my daily photography commitment. We had driven up towards Squamish for the day shooting as we went along, when we noticed the entrance to the old marina down from Britannia Mine was opened. I have driven past this place many times and this is the first time that the gate was open. There seemed to be people around barbequing and celebrating so we drove in to explore. It was almost sunset and the light was crazy beautiful. I climbed into and started shooting the dilapidated beautiful building that was there. Later on we found out from a lovely Britannia mine staffer that the area had only been opened temporarily for a quick new years event....and that we were trespassing....but he generously let me finish taking my shots before he guided us off the property.

And last but not least, when at the Vancouver Aquarium I shot a series of images of the Belugas. Three years later I can finally edit them and finish the images journey.

Thanks for joining me for this months 10:10 blog post. And now I would love to point you over to the wonderful and talented Aimee Lynn Photography, your next exciting stop on this blog circle.

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