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Let the Kids Dress Themselves

So we let the kids dress themselves this Freddy Friday. The oh so classy and suave Freddy embraced the bandanna and decided he was gonna do 2 different characters this week.

During the Eastside Culture Crawl last week I had people ask "Where do you buy all these costumes? " Most of the Freddy costumes come from our closets...we just repurpose a bunch of items. To show you how easy it is we did a 2 for 1 Freddy this isn't as hard as you would imagine. Say Hello to Farmer Freddy and Biker Freddy.

Carmela on the other is kinda hard to explain...but this is what she picked Carmela-Bug-Butterfly-Fairy-Clown-Princess thing....she is a bit on the loony side today...she was running around the house with a purple wig in her mouth protecting it from everyone...enough said.

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