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Chef Frederico Beloba Bunnito Birchmore

Welcome to de Chef Frederico Beloba Cooking Show.

Today we iz going to make dah "Carmela Soup". To make dah Carmela Soup, you put 1 Carmela in dah pot with 2 thingies of Bacon, dat frozen pot roast I found in dah freezer dat time, a big big big tub of dah icecream, dah odher half of dat thing I founds under dah bush. Foh extra flavour you can adds, McDonalds cheeze papah, Kleenexes, and dah coffees. Once all dah stuff is in dah pot make dah Carmela swim around in dah pot until it all mixed. Remove dah Carmela and reserve dah Carmela foh dah future use. Now you eats all dah soup. Enjoy.

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