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Project 365 and recording my life.

I started my Project 365 as a technical challenge but it very quickly morphed into a way of journaling my life. A way for me to document my everyday and my life path with those that want to listen. It isn't about fishing for attention. It is just about being honest and sharing my journey.

A big part of my life philosophy is to always work hard to cultivate a positive and optimistic view of the world...but I will be honest...some times the universe kicks my butt and I lose the ability to do that. Having my world and abilities change after my car accident has not been an entirely pleasant or positive experience. And last week the universe was determined to kick my butt clear across town.

It was a more than a little soul destroying to repetitively have to make the decision to "pass" on important events in my life because I can't safely and fully participate in them. Being confronted on a daily basis by the fact that I am no longer my old self is for lack of a better word....a bitch.

Today makes it officially over 120 days of this new self. I have a huge hole where my passion, my work, my social life, my street photography, my travel photography, my future plans, my world etc. used to live.

So I can chose to wallow in what I am missing out on...or I can accept my present (knowing it will eventually get better) and appreciate the few moments that I am not missing out on. And one part that I am working very hard to keep flourishing is my creativity. I continue to experiment within my find another way to document the beauty in the every say this Hosta Leaf....Did you ever think a hosta leaf would have such rich texture and character? (kindly ignore the Freddy fur...i forgot to wipe the scanner prior to starting)

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