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"Hey Lady! You know those shoes aren't Glass"

I set a challenge for myself today. Too dizzy to go shooting and exploring, I tried to figure out a way to do things differently. With me in the front passenger side, Gordon agreed to drive me down my favorite 3 blocks along Hastings Street; so I can create images and record the kind of stories I love to tell.

I used to walk up and down and up and down these streets for hours. This time Gord drove slowly down the street while I hunted images from the passenger side window.....until there at the intersection of Main and Hastings we (though Gordon would like me to emphasize HE should get main credit) spotted her blonde wig, fabulous leopard print tights and plastic platform shoes.

I couldn't Gord pulled around the block parked in an alley and I slowly / gingerly / drunkardly walked over to ask if I could shoot her shoes. As usual the Downtown East Siders (DTES) are always oh so gracious and generous and she agreed to let me make this image....a gift I am eternally grateful for.

But then because this is the Downtown Eastside the story doesn't end I knelt on the ground to take this picture, the chemically altered gentleman standing behind me offered (yelled) these words of advice at me..."Hey Lady. You know those shoes aren't glass"....

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