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It's all abouts dah weddin' ribs

(narrated by Freddy)

Today iz dah Mahmah and dah Daddy's first wedding anniversary. We decided we wuz gonna get married today too. Coz when dey got married dey ate-ed dah cornbread, ribs, chicken, ribs, chocolate cake, ribs.... So we asked and dey said ok. I got mah outfit special made for me by Bangon Tshirts.

Dis is dah Carmela wedding dress. She had another one but dat dress didn't fit. I think dah Daddy bought her dis one at dah little long dog wedding dress store coz it fit real gud.

Dah Daddy cried when he had to put dah Carmela in her dress. I think he was sad he was not gonna get dah ribs like we wuz.

Carmela looked real pretty in her dress....kinda like a big fuzzy stuffed toy..Mahmah told Carmela not to hide her pretty face behind dah veil. But poor Carmela had dah conjunctivitis and didn't wanna show her face.

So mahmah made her turn and only show dah gud side to dah camera.

Carmela wuz sooooooooo happy about dah wedding ribs she was dancing dancing dancing....check out her legs...dey are short but soooooo musclllleeeyyy

Mahmah and Daddy said I has to look handsome for my picture...what does handsome haz to do with wedding ribs... Mmmm mmm I is gonna roll in ribs and chocolate cake todayyyyyy.

I is so happies dat I singing dah wedding song...Dun dun dah daaah....we iz getting marrrieeeeeddd.

Mahmah said I look real handsome coz I got mah fancy wedding rib eating shirt on...I can't wait to be married to dah ribs!!!

I tink now dat we haz put on dah clothes and taken dah picture then it must be time for nom nom nom wedding ribs here we comes. Okay, okay,,, it time? we weared dah clothes an we tooks dah we married yet??? Can we haz dah ribs?

We iz confused....when do we get dah married ribs?


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