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I think I have a thing for derelict buildings...

I didn't think I would be writing another blog post so soon. But apparently the universe is determined to throw collapsing buildings at me this weekend.

After a lovely brunch (French Toast with blueberry compote people....yummmalicious!!) celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends we said our goodbyes and went to leave...and there a block away was a building that had been ripped down just 1 day before. I remember driving past it just the week before never thinking that it's end was so near.

The city is growing and expanding at such a crazy rate that any properties within city boundaries that have the potential to be more profitable as condominiums become repurposed. Down with the building and character that may have lived there for decades and Up goes a wealth of condominiums. I understand the rationale behind it...but it still breaks my heart to see how fast the changes are happening and how quickly character and history goes by the wayside. But then again I am a sentimental fool.

So here is my humbling offering of images documenting the end of this building's story...and the birth of the next.

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