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I love seeing my art through other peoples eyes!!!

I absolutely loved loved loved loved doing the East Side Culture Crawl. It was an absolute blast! Ofcourse there was the obvious maaaasssiiive ego stroke of having people admire my work.....I was floored that people were willing to spend their hard earned dollars to have a piece of my creativity whilst also supporting an amazing non-profit organization in LGCCA.

But to be favorite part was seeing my work resonate with people. Hearing how it made other people feel was an absolute gift...watching it on their face was breath taking. I wish I could live every moment of connection over and over again.

Hearing about what people saw in the image was also a huge treat. I saw new things in my images...felt new things about my images. One of my images that was the subject of many such discussions was the jelly image above. When I asked people what they saw I heard things like "Electricity" or "Smoke" or "Light drawings".....and those I could totally understand. It made sense to me. Until one day a woman came by and said she was wandering if the image depicted a cross and some sort of religious ceremony. I felt a little terrible telling her it was a simple Jelly...I almost wish it was a Cross and some sort of religious ceremony....

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