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Who would have thunk it....I made a top 10 list!

You guys have seen the image attached to this post before. It is in my Cambodia Portfolio and is one of my favorite Cambodian portraits. I loved photographing this monk so much I remember eagerly anticipating the day I could share the image as well as the story in a blog post. I love the lighting in it, I love the character in his face and I adore the rich deep colours and textures in it.

So when The Dark Room along with Photography Monthly Magazine decided to ask for submissions of "Wow" images to publish in the magazine, I eagerly shared this portrait. Now imagine my surprise waking up this morning to my husband telling me my image made it on the top 10 list....whooooootttsss....happy dance happy dance with 2 crazy dogs! Though my image was not the image chosen to publish in Photography Monthly next month, I'm pleased as punch to be in the top 10. Go have a look on their blog and see the other amazing photographers that also made the list.

And now I go to do some more happy dancing with the nutty puppies.

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