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A second dog you say? Clearly we must be a little nuts...

Remember this post introducing FRED. For those of you that know him you know he has forever changed our life for the better. Never a day goes by that we don't laugh because of him. It isn't unusual for one of us ( if we are honest) to be running late because I took an extra minute...or two...or three to make smushy kissy face with him. Every day we discover something crazy and new about him....Like his newly developed conviction that an open car window is an invitation for him to jump in and go for a car ride.

And he in turn has mellowed out, no longer obsessed with sitting on the dining room table or running through the house with toilet paper. We have discovered his love of Kleenex is not because of the kleenex per se but because of the lotion it has in it....I regularly get lotion licked off me....who cares about moisturizing anyway. He has learnt to now stop and sit when he sees something he wants to say hello to instead of madly dashing across the street to say hello.....and as for his Nylabone "Shank" is banned from the house and is now a car ride toy.

And once again there is now "balance" in our household. Just the perfect time to get Fred a brother or sister right? We are excited and can't wait to add to our family and share with you the Pitty crazy hilarity that will no doubt ensue. So off we go on our search to find a pup that fits well into this crazy thing we call our family....cross your fingers and toes for us.

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