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Ummmm.....I think I got married ?!?

I met him exactly 387 days ago; and since he showed up life has been a whirlwind of chaos, fun, laughter and adventure. My pre-husband life was predictable and perfect I thought. Then Gordon showed up and proved that perfect was actually the very antithesis of all I had imagined it to be.

I thrived on order, predictability and overanalysing every decision I made in life to ensure success. This served me well in my professional life as a critical care nurse...crazy obsessive nurses make for great patient outcomes ;) But in hindsight I realize now that suppressing impulse to examine every possible outcome is no way to live the rest of your life.

Photography was the only part of my life I allowed to be free of this need for order. I would give in to impulse and capture moments in time. I had the courage to approach random strangers and engage them so I could give into the impulse to photograph them. I lived and thrived in the moment never thinking ahead to an image I may possibly perhaps capture in the future. Photography makes me feel alive, it makes me feel present, it makes me stop and engage in the world around makes me feel "real" and "relevant".....simply put it makes me feel like I am living my life. I remember joking that if "photography was a guy, I'd marry him".......From my mouth to the universe's ears.....

So 387 days ago the universe decided to test me by sending Mr. Photography in the guise of Gordon. He is perfect, patient, funny, smart, impulsive, controlled, loving, big, burly, red-headed handsome handsome man. He tempers my crazy....and does for me what Photography has done for the last few years. Never would I have ever imagine that I would give in to the impulse to live someone...move in together....get engaged...start a family...and get married within the span of less than a year......that would have warranted a few nervous breakdowns....months of agonizing over every single decision.....years of second guessing myself....and then years later... eventually...maybe...possibly...perhaps conceding to what was going to be my reality.

We had a great wedding surrounded by friends....BBQ'd 140 lbs of ribs....had family pitch in and make a ridiculous amount of the most delicious food.....there were kids running around....our pup Fred was rolling on his back making piggy noises while we said our vows.....not at all the most controlled environment but it was absolutely perfect.

We didn't have an official photographer....we wanted all our photographer friends to just relax and enjoy the day. So we both agreed we would shoot our own wedding....and we agreed we only really wanted 2 shots each. We wanted to photograph each other putting the ring on the others finger....and we wanted a picture of each other as soon as the wedding commisioner pronounced us husband and wife.....and amid all the wedding chaos those were the 2 pictures we were both able to get....and they are perfect.

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