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The most composed couple I ever met.

So with my own impending nuptials in 39 days (gulp)....I can't help and look over the images from weddings I have photographed. Every time I see an image showing an amazing connection between a couple it reminds me that is what weddings are about...the connection....the marriage...that despite the chaos and crazy that may go along with planning a wedding it is all worth it in the end. This is no more true than in the wedding of Lucinda and Chris.

Last year I agreed to help a dear friend Felicia as a second shooter for a wedding she was going to capture. I packed up my gear and joined Felicia heading out to Whistler, BC for what was going to be a great adventure. You see the lovely couple Lucinda and Chris had come all the way from the Grand Caymans to get married a top a glacier in awesome is that as a wedding plan!

I was beyond excited about the prospect of both a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier as well as capturing the wedding. If I was this excited by the wedding plan I couldn't imagine how much the bride and groom were looking forward to it all. So you can imagine how in awe I was of them both when they calmly took the news hours before their wedding that the helicopter charter company was canceling all transport to the glacier due to poor weather. Seriously if it was me I would be pulling my hair out screaming at the injustice of it all...wailing...dramatically...beating my chest. But no, Chris and Lucinda were absolute super stars instead making alternate plans with their marriage commissioner to get married at Alta Lake.

They had come all the way from the Grand Caymans and no doubt imagine a very different type of day. But despite it all they loved, laughed, smiled and reveled in the day the universe chose to give them instead. It was beautiful to see how much they loved each other and how well they fit together. I had known them for only one hour but when they were exchanging their vows I was surprised by how I was overwhelmed with the intensity of their connection and I felt my throat thicken and tears well up in my eyes.....made it very hard to photograph while composing myself.

The entire day was a testament to how a wedding is not a marriage. It is the two people that make the marriage and the wedding is just a moment in time. The best advice I got that day was when Felicia mentioned to Lucinda and Chris that my own wedding was in the offing. They both congratulated me and told me to just chill out, relax and enjoy it! Thank you Lucinda and Chris for allowing me to be a witness to your amazing love. I will try to remember your composure and wise words when I'm freaking out on my wedding day....I will keep repeating "Tranquilo" over and over in my head.

Want to see more images from Lucinda and Chris' Wedding? Click here to head over to Felicia Chang Photography's website to see her blog entry about their wedding.

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