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Lichen covered walls.

You know I spent a good solid 30 minutes trying to figure out how to capture these walls. To be fair I wasn't at my best that day, I had woken up in my Cambodian hotel room with some (TMI coming up...fair warning)...what was I saying...yes...I had woken up with some terrible gastrointestinal symptoms and was hoping that the pharmaceutical arsenal I had unleased on my body would do its thing. Thank heavens there wasn't much clambering over steep surfaces that day.

So back to the wall and my story. We were in Kampot and had gone up to Bokor Mountain to take some images of an abandoned 1920s French resort at top the mountain (a story for another post). On the way back down we stopped off at this monastry and my nauseous groggy self was in awe of all the orange covered walls. They are so beautiful and brilliant...and it was hard to tell if it was real...or a figment of my medication altered mind....thank heavens for pictures that prove the world really is as brilliant as it meds needed.

I found out from Nathan that all the brilliant orange stuff I was seeing covering all the walls was actually Lichen......who knew! So I hemmed and hawed and tried to "see" the walls in a different way. Thank heavens for Nathan who suggested just trying the direct approach and shooting the wall head on. Simple but oh so effective. Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious.

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