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When I get that feelin'.....

Do you ever have this happen? You get your camera up to your face you frame up and take your shot...and you get butterflies in your tummy...and tingles in your toes...and you just know without looking that the capture is gonna turn out to be awesome and exactly what you wanted it to be. All my favorite images that I have ever photographed have all been preceded by this feeling.

Sometimes I am prepared and expect the feeling of "this is gonna be a good one!!" to wash over me....other times it just surprises the heck out of me. The image above happens to be one of those occasions.

It was a burning hot afternoon in Phnom Penh and the photography group I was with was just about to get on a boat and head off to photograph at Silk Island. I was walking down the pier towards the boat sweating like a pig, hauling more gear than a person in their right mind ought to. It was hawt hawt hawt people...sweat dripping in my eyes....clothes sticking to me (and not in an attractive way). Partway down the pier I looked over the side and I noticed there was someone fishing in the water. I remember I wish I could join him... just jump into the Mekong and cool off.

But sanity prevailed and I just stood there for a second watching him. I debated taking his picture....I remember telling myself that the light from the afternoon sun was too harsh and that the picture would turn out flat and uninteresting. I don't know what made me change my mind....I don't know why I decided it was more important to hang over the side of the dock and take his picture rather than climbing onto the cool shaded boat and knocking back a cold drink...whatever it was I am ever so glad I did get the capture.

I framed the image and shot off 3 frames..."BUTTERFLIES AND TOE TINGLES!!!".....for a second I thought I had heat stroke...I had afterall sweated out about 3 liters of sweat already....but then I realized it was "that feelin".....who would have thunk it! I did not expect it then and there in the middle of a bright flat light hot as hell day....but the feelin came and I am glad for it. I love how you can see the sand and silt billowing with the net....i love how ridiculous and bright his hat seems....I just plain love this shot.

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