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Sunrise at Angkor

You can't go all the way to Angkor and not:-

  1. drag yourself out of bed at 0300

  2. crawl your blurry eyed self out of the hotel room

  3. be grateful for an amazing driver who was more awake than you

  4. doze all the way to Angkor

  5. tumble out of the car, strap a headlamp on, grab your camera and tripod

  6. try your best not to trip over your own feet and numerous obstacles and narrow steps

  7. somehow get yourself out to the reflection pool at Angkor

  8. set up your tripod and get super close and cozy with your fellow photographers

  9. remind yourself it is all going to be worth will...promise.....

  10. ask yourself why again you got out of bed and are stood in the dark with 10 other hour before sunrise...really...whhhyyyyyy

  11. play around with your camera and take a few long exposure shots that look....unremarkable....question your sanity for waking up so early

  12. joke around with and question the shared insanity with your fellow photographers

  13. hear, feel and see the masses of fellow tourists beginning to descend on the reflection very grateful you woke up at 0300 to get there first and commander a prime spot.

  14. elbows out guard your spot confidently

  15. watch the sunrise start to slowly creep across the night sky....start to take back to back long exposure shots....

  16. frown disapprovingly at the fellow tourist shooting over your shoulder....USING THEIR FLASH.....serenity now!

  17. keep shooting...over and over and over and over

  18. have that magical 45 second moment when the light is perfect and just lights up the sky

  19. pray the 6 shots you take in that 45 second do the moment justice....see that you were able to...clap with glee and high five your fellow photographers

  20. take a deep breath and enjoy the rest of the sunrise

  21. pack up your gear show off your favorite shot of the morning to your photography buddies

  22. now head on over to grab yourself a delicious Cambodian coffee and agree that this was indeed an experience worth having....despite the early start :)

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