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I got a new le--eens, I got a new le-eens!!

Got a call today from Leo's Camera....they had some special news for me. Fuji had finally delivered my new baby! A Fuji XF 23mm f 1.4. I was in the middle of writing up student evaluations....riveting stuff let me tell you...and I "reluctantly" put my work aside to rush downtown and pick up the new addition.

I think I may have squealed and clapped my hands with glee when I picked her up at the store. Why the joy? Well the lens is one I have been waiting forever for...and second, I got it on the very last day that I could still qualify for the $200 dollar rebate from Fuji.....whooooooottt....yay for being cheap! God Bless the staff at Leo's, they just smiled knowingly and very understandingly agreed that my childish glee was warranted...they are so awesome there.

Of course now that I had escaped the chains of my student evaluations, we (Gordon and I) decided we should stay out longer and use the opportunity to snap some shots. We met with our friend Julia at a coffee shop and subjected her to our immature arguing over who got to unpack and use the 23mm first...after the use of some mean stares coupled with the use of his full name, he conceded that I should have the honors...after all she was "mine"....

Since we were sat enjoying a great conversation and delicious beverage I didn't want to get up and go wander around with my I didn't...instead I imposed on the oh so generous Julia....she conceded to be my first victim...and what a beautiful victim she is. That is half of her beautiful face in the picture posted above.

As for the 23mm...well, what can I say....she is faaaassssttt...and sharp....and reaaaaly purty....and now I may never ever take it off my camera body....ever....

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