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Hey all,

So here goes my first foray into the online photography / blogging world...knees quaking palms sweating. Not exactly sure how to go about starting out this process.. I guess the proper thing to do is introduce myself and go from there.

So in case you haven't already deduced it my name is Marta Musa...but I tend to go by Marts to enemies and friends alike. I'm a thirty-mumble-mumble year old woman who fancies herself to be a semi-competent, sometimes confident, passionate amateur photographer. My love affair with photography started in my early twenties when I wandered into a local Lens and Shutter and left with my first camera (henceforth to be referred to as Fred the first). I had no clue what I was doing but had so much fun playing around for a few years. Then life got in the way and I became distracted by all the new shiny things that one is wont to encounter in their twenties (ah to be young and foolish again).

An eventful few years later I settled into my current profession as a critical care RN, and found that though I loved the work I was doing, I needed to find a way to take care of myself and find some balance. Caring for others is a double edged sword. It is a privilege to care for people when they are at their most vulnerable, but at the same time it can take away from you, hardening and embittering you, making you less likely to connect with the world.

Coming to the realization that the job I loved had the serious potential to make me go "loco" was the reason I ended up rekindling my mad and passionate affair with photography. I needed something to ground me...something that would help me continue to find freshness and newness in life...something that would help me preserve my quickly fading fascination with life and especially to help me see an all too familiar world in an entirely new way.

So I bought my second (Fred II), third (Fred III), fourth (Fred IV) and recently my fifth (Jeff aka Fred V) camera. I used each camera to push myself out of my comfort zone...I made a promise to myself to go on one great travel photography adventure each year...putting myself in ridiculously uncomfortable situations to force myself to see the world in a new way. Is it worth it? Hell Yah! The Freds and Jeffs of my life have helped me find balance...they have shown me new things...helped me meet new people...and have brought to me the greatest friendships of my life.

So that is what this blog will be about....the places Fred/Jeff have taken me, the ridiculous, hilarious, serious and sometimes sad stories behind each image. The misadventures, missed opportunities, successful failures, surprises, epiphanies, and life in general that happened along the way.

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