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Who Owns the Art?

The other day I was listening in on and participating in an Art talk on Clubhouse. The subject of discussion was “who owns art?”...Owning as it pertains to legal ownership, philosophical ownership etc of an art piece.

. I think when I create my art, I create it for me.....I know that isn’t always the case for everyone. This Betta Fish took 17 hours and over 17000 strokes of a pen. That was the process...and the end result isn’t just the piece, but the meditative and wellness benefit to me. In my world, the art is a combination of the tangible piece and the intangible wellness benefit. So in my model of art ownership, my work will always possess of me...and I will always possess of it. So yes, someone may purchase the work and legally own it...but philosophically because my art is borne of me it will always be mine....even this wildly coloured Betta Fish. What do you think?

Contour line drawing of a Betta Fish against a dark blue background.  The body of the fish is coloured in a briliant turquoise with a gradient shifting to orange and red across the Betta Fish's fins.
Betta Fish


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