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I love all my pups. I love them with every single fibre of my being. Everyone for their oh so unique and quirky characteristics. In our family we jokingly call them their “dogisms”. And I have to admit, of all our pups dogisms, the one’s I love the most are the ones that are absurd and humorous. Enter Ms. Carmela Juanita

Medium sized short legged chocolate and white dog with giant ears has her head tilted and looking quizically into the Carmela.  She is sat on a white arm chair against a bright white background.

Last night the hubby and I were mesmerized watching a god-awful show with terrible acting. And in one scene, the hellacious actress of a heroine looked towards the hero that vanishes after stepping into a portal (just imagine it, don’t ask me to explain the plot…it was bad). She gives a very delayed GASP, reaches out with an open hand, then desperately forms a clenched fist. Of course, the hubby and I lose it and are howling with laughter. What does this have to do with Carmela’s Dogisms? Stay with me…this will all make sense soon.

So of course, we begin to pantomime the whole scene. Keep in mind the dogs’ heads are swivelling back and forth watching this display. I play the role of the heroine…he becomes the hero abandoning me through the portal. I decide to ham it up a bit…coz I’ve embraced my inner bad actor. I gasp, reach my hand to my chest, pluck out my heart and try to fling it from my clenched fist to him. My husband in turn grabs it out of the air and holds it to his chest (Don’t judge us, this is what keeps our marriage going) …..and then the asshole looks me dead in the eye, throws my imaginary heart on the floor and stomps the living shit out of it. Then he does the unthinkable….he wordlessly points at Carmela and then at the invisible remnants of my mangled imaginary heart. And you know what the little shit did? She was like “Well okay then Daddy Man, I guess I’m part of this play too”…..she march-stomps over on her little tiny stubby legs….right to her mark where my imaginary stomped heart is….AND LICKS THE IMAGINARY REMAINS OFF THE EMPTY FLOOR!!

We were both laughing so hard…and you could almost see Carmela grinning as if to say “Dhat was a good joke huh Mahmah lady? Iz a good joke!” My girl and her Carmelaism bring me so much joy. So very much joy. #CarmelaJuanita


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