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The Magic of Pet Ownership

Today I thought we could all use some more Carmela and Fred dressed up photos. . The hubby and I feel so lucky to get to live with this comedic pair 24/7. usual every post deserves an interesting story to go with it. Today's is about our little girl Carmela.

Carmela the dog wearing a pink and white baseball t-shirt, wearing a disguise with glasses, human nose, human ears, eyebrows and a blue wig

Fred a large red dog wearing a straw cowboy hat and staring into the camera

A couple of years ago, two of my sisters came out west to visit me. One day they both joined me for a walk with the dogs. Five minutes into the walk, Carmela did something she had never done before. I felt her sniff at my feet....followed quickly by a warm liquid feeling. Yup....she peed on me. And then ignored my exclamation of shock!! When I got home and the hubby and I talked about it, all we could figure out is that from her rather low vantage point, Ms. Carmela Juanita was unable to distinguish me from my sisters (all our black lady feet/legs look the same)...solution...pee on the Mahmah Lady just to keep track of me. Really...I should be honoured that she felt I was important enough to mark.

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