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Thank heavens for this man

I am so very very grateful for the support of this man. He was an absolute gem during the entire East Side Culture Crawl.

He did the majority of the set up and take down work and covered my booth multiple times while I slept in the car. Many of you might have met him this past weekend when he talked to you about my art and quiped "I'm not the artist, I'm just here to be the eye candy"....well I want you to know that he was more than just eye candy. Thank you Gordon...and thank you everyone who came out to support us.

Now excuse me while our entire family goes back to bed and sleeps for the next week. I promise I will respond to all DMs and online order requests after I've got a bit of rest. Suffice it to say the eggs I cracked on the kitchen floor instead of in the pan was the mildest of my foggy brain mistakes today 😜😜 .

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