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My Least Favorite Life

For anyone who has followed me for any length of time, you know that my life has been steeped in trying to make sense of this "new" Brain Injury life I now live. I understood and loved my old life story...but this new feels like I am a protagonist that has been plucked out of a well written, cohesive, robust, well loved, epic novel ... and dropped smack dab into a dark, tiny, poorly written, confusing, gap filled, novel with multiple unravelling disconnected nonsensical story lines. Crazy right? And what is amazing is that I have had a rough time articulating that what that feels like. But recently, I found the work of an amazing creative that did it beautifully for me. I heard this song yesterday that just shook me to the core.... Lera Lynn's "This is my least favorite life" ....and it felt like she had snuck into my brain, and plucked my story right out in the form of poignant music and lyrics. The lyrics very much felt like what the new me would say to the old me! Have a listen and tell me what you think of her work.

I love her voice...I love the way the guitar and the lyrics meld together. But what I love most is hearing her beautiful music made me feel less alone. I'm not the only person that thinks "This is my least favorite life".

So today I'm trying to in small ways improve this least favorite life. I'm mixing up my new syringe of essential daily injectable meds...but doing it while being grateful that this medication has the potential to maybe make my life better...our family can sacrifice so we can afford the medication...that I have an amazing supportive medical team...that my group of loved ones understand why I need to live a very very very small life. And that even though my life is currently shitty...there are some things ahead of me that will help things better. So maybe this life will not continue to be My Least Favorite Life.

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