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That time I was in Havana and didn't dance

Today I'm reminiscing looking back at images I created from a solo 2011 Travel Photography trip to Cuba. I remember it was my second day in Havana and my translator suggested a local gathering to pass the time.

I remember being so intimidated I could only participate from behind my camera...snapping away at life happening all around me...crouched on the floor in the heat...sweating like nobody's business....envious of the freedom I was seeing. I wish I had been brave enough to pause my shooting and join in the dancing.

But that is all part of life isn't it....learning from your mistakes. After this moment in Havana I renewed my commitment to embrace new experience....sometimes it made me proud I did it....other times there were embarrassing consequences that will have me giggling in my dotage. Do I wish I learned this lesson earlier....absolutely....but the past is the past. Meanwhile I'll be the lady who gives everything within reason a shot....dancing with random strangers on the street.

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