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Bertha is a Big Fat Liar

If you asked me yesterday how Bertha (my brain injury) I were coping with the stresses and demands of this week, I would have told you I was a boss and had Bertha well in hand..... then again, part of living with a brain injury is that you often miss cues and signs that you are struggling and often misjudge just how "well" you are coping. Last night the hubby sat me down and gently told me that I wasn't doing well...and I ofcourse disagreed with him...coz I managed to wake up by 1000...take a shower...make breakfast...medicate and attend to my two post procedure some art...and was now sat on the couch responsibly giving my brain a quiet break to get over the days excitement.

However, I was advised that I was clearly so very wrong...because while I was pleasantly in my fog of denial, Bertha had managed to:- 1. Put fridge/freezer food in the cupboards while prepping breakfast. 2. Managed to set off the smoke detector. 3. Made me forget I had told my husband the same thing multiple times. 4. Was word substituting like a mother f#%ker ( Why is "Cauliflower" suddenly "cabbage" Bertha?!?!? Dammit Why?!) 5. Convinced me yesterday afternoon that it was really Saturday and that I had forgotten to take my pills that I accidentally took both Friday and Saturdays pills. (Why is Bertha so convincing?!?!) 6. etc. . So yeah....clearly Bertha has been lying to me for days. So even though I think I'm fine, clearly, Bertha and I are not fine. And because my judgement is questionable, today there will be no encaustic (because Bertha and propane torches are #NoBueno). Instead in the interest of promoting wellbeing, I am limiting my creativity to this cellphone shot. Enjoy

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