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Winter Philanthropic Creative Event!!!!

Thank you to everyone that joined me at Octopus Studio for the East Side Culture this past weekend. Not only was it a blast, but it was very validating for my artistic soul!

Now, I know not everyone could make it down to Vancouver for the Crawl, therefore, as promised, I have my creations available online until December 7th 2017 so you too can "gift to a wonderful organization every time you buy art". So today we will launch the "WINTER PHILANTHROPIC CREATIVE EVENT" with all proceeds going to La Gonave Community & Child Haiti as well as Hugabull Rescue and Advocacy Society.

Just in time for the Christmas Holidays, we will have:-

1. Abstract Critter and Noggin prints available (gold foil, silver foil and black and white prints)

2. Mixed media works from a variety of my series. Order ASAP so I can have the pieces finished, packaged and shipped to you by Christmas

So how about it? Wanna get your hands on some of my stuff? Head over to the shop and have a look around. Betcha you find something there that makes you smile.

Before I leave you to it, my little penny pinching soul feels compelled to let you know that I will have a 15% coupon code available for purchases made NOVEMBER 24TH - 27TH (midnight) 2017

Just enter the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY when you go to checkout and a 15% discount will be applied to your purchase.

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