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Abstract Critters

I've been bitten by the doodle bug again. I can't stop doodling. It is meditative, it gives me purpose during a period of rudderlessness (is that a word?). So imagine my surprise when the doodles I do for their relaxing value turned out to be enjoyed by others as much as I enjoyed creating them. I've had request for certain creatures and inquiries about how they are all created. and even a few inquiries about buying prints or originals.

I really am quite humbled by all the attention. So, my hope and plan is to figure out a way to do this. As with the East Side Culture Crawl, all proceeds from sales of any of my works will benefit one of the organizations I work with. In this case, all profits proceeds from this "Abstract Creatures" series will go to La Gonave Community & Child Association. I just have to figure out the logistics of it all. I promise once I figure out the hows and whens I will share it all with you.

In the interim, I humbly offer this process VIDEO

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