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Story Time - shit-kick·er

896 / 1096 : shit-kick·er (noun) 1. a dog that that kicks shit. 2. Carmela Juanita

Story has taken me 4 days to get permission from my husband, Gordon, to share this story with you. Four days for him to forgive and get over it. Poor Freddy had a bad case of stress colitis a few days ago....poor baby. He urgently needed to go out and so like the loving daddy man he is, Gordon took the pups out. Poor Fred squatted and a river of diarrhea came pouring out his behind. Carmela ever so attentive was watching over her poor sick brother....whom she is convinced has very poor intuition and judgement. Ever vigilant of someone or something that would take advantage of what she considers his "idiot" nature, she looks furtively from side to side to make sure he isn't ambushed mid poop. (It's a thing) Out of the blue all three of them hear a dog barking like crazy....Carmela immediately morphs into crazy protective dog mode....unable to see the barking dog she decides to make a macho show of marking her territory and protecting her brother. In her little crazy terrier brain that means immediately dash off to the giant pile of her brother's diarrhea and start to kick up at the ground near it with her hind feet...marking her territory. Only problem is she miscalculated and her short legs didn't kick up the grass beside kicked at the diarrhea and managed to get it all over Gordon's shoes....his legs....his shorts....his shirt....clear up to his chest. 5 1/2 feet of shit kickery. Gordon refused to talk to her for 2 days. Freddy was confused by the display Carmela however was so proud of herself for saving the world.....yet again. The End.

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