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Sigh...I miss travelling

710 / 731 : I miss my travel photography. There....I said it! I miss the adventure....I miss the encounters....I miss the indulgence of forgetting my world and immersing myself in another....I miss the challenge of collecting stories....I just plain ol' miss it. One day maybe Ms. Bertha will heal up enough so life no longer has to be predictable, and Gordon and I can gear up and travel to far off a shame not to keep photographing, storytelling and sharing as much of the world as we can while we are on this side of the grass.

These were protection tattoos. Makes me think I need to get some to ward off Bertha.

These bruises on her forehead are from pinching herself....why? Because she had a headache...and she swore it worked. Wonder if this would work to exorcise Bertha.

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