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"The Crows"

For years I have seen and wondered at the daily commute of the crows. One hour before sunset the East Vancouver and Burnaby skys are full of thousands of crows making their way to their nightly roost at Still Creek.

I am amazed at how beautiful it all seems. This year with my Project 365 I decided I wanted to explore this phenomenon. Lucky me I have a very loving and accomodating husband willing to chase the light and the crows with me.

The first time I met the crows I had a looooooong day at work and I was ready for a break. Gordon came to pick me and on our way home I noticed the crows were coming through. He pulled the car over and I rushed over to the tree line to photograph them. The cawwing was deafening but beautiful. It was like a boisterous family get together. The big talking family member and the rest of the clan calling him out on his BS.

Light was fading fast fast fast but I thought I would give it a shot and was gifted with the images that I fell in love with.

Since then it has become a tradition in our family to go over to Still Creek whenever I have had a rough day. When I am burnt out and the frustrations of life are getting to me, 5 minutes stood in the middle of this amazing phenomenon has a way of just replenishing my soul. And as if they know I am only there to witness their existance the crows have done me courtesy of not shitting on me yet....the car is another matter all together.

I see another series in my future here...

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