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Chinese New Year

Headed out to China town to watch the new year parade for the first time. Let me preface this by saying a few years ago to improve my photography I went to every single parade in town shooting images.....even got the hang of convincing security I was press so I was able to shoot from infront of the barricades.

It has been a few years since I have photographed a parade...but old habits die hard. I remember stepping out into the street to take this shot...the oh so polite parade route coordinator decided to get my attention by standing behind me with his bullhorn pressing on his siren button. Bless him....the crowd was in stitches. It was worth it though. I ended up with the exact shots I wanted and didn't directly disrupt the parade route.

After that I stepped back behind the barricade and decided to walk in the crowd and take pictures of the people I saw.

It was a gorgeous day out and about.

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