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Dying Lightbulbs

I first saw a dying lightbulb when my photog buddy Pete shared the amazing images from his dying lightbulbs series. Immediately transfixed by the idea of capturing a moment of brightness that fades into dark enshrouded in smoke, I forced my ever so patient husband to dash out with me and purchase some clear light bulbs to experiment with.

The basic idea is that if you are able to crack the glass casing on the bulb enough to get air into direct contact with the filament (disrupting the protective value of the vacuum and inert gases within the bulb), your bulb will burn out soon after it is turned on.

So we got home bulbs in hand. We used a combination of a lighter flame and a piece of ice to cause the glass to crack.....a barely visible crack. This was the first result.

Then we got to experimenting and made the hole bigger

...and bigger

Isn't it just neat!!!

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