The Case of the murdered headphones


THE VICTIM: A set of brand new headphones only used once found ripped apart and covered with teeny tiny chew marks.

THE SUSPECT: A 15lb little long dog with a rather suspicious look in her evil eyes.


Me (aka The Mama) : Carmela did you eat these headphones? Carmela (aka The Suspect): Mama I don't know what you are talking about.

Me: Carmela...seriously! Carmela: Mama...seriously...look how cute I could I have done anything bad?

Carmela: See Mama...I'm so tiny and have such short legs there is no way I got up on the bed and chewed on your headphones....nah way!

Me: Carmela Juanita Midgy Kitty Fudge you tell the truth right now! Carmela: Honest mama it wasn't my fault...the ear phones were whispering to me saying "nom me nom me nom me"

Carmela : And I was weak.....oh so weak...and I love how your ears taste...and I couldn't help myself....and no one was paying attention to me...and I was lonely....and soooooo so very sad....and the headphones were my only friends.....and they wanted me to nom them....I was only being nice....

Happy New Year from our crazy house to yours.

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