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I just love natural light!!!

My greatest photography wish has always been to learn how to "see" light. What does this mean? Well for me it meant learning to see how my camera will see light...learning how to view and photograph my subject to optimize the effect of light.....I know it sounds like blah blah blah....what it basically boils down to is I want to be able to see a scene and go....ooohhhh that light is gonna look perfect.

While in Cambodia I remember struggling with the harsh bright natural light. I didn't know how to use it to my advantage. Between trying to learn how to master the light as well as mastering my then new camera (Zee), it was a steep learning curve. And then all of a sudden one day it just clicked....I don't know how it happened. One day I couldn't figure out how to do it and the next day it was like opportunities wouldn't quit presenting themselves.

To be honest I think a lot of it had to do with the mentorship I got from photographers Connor Wall and Nathan Horton while I was there. They have very different teaching and photography styles and they opened me up to so many ideas and possibilities.

So now I look back at my Cambodia Portfolio and I see so many images that I love because of their dramatic light. Now to figure out how to "see" light in the grey Vancouver weather....

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