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G@wd D#mn!t Piece of Jelly-Fri%^ing-Fish Kaka

Picture this scene almost a year ago.....huffing, puffing, angry sounding black lady hogging an entire jelly fish display (2 feet wide and 4 feet tall)...pointing her camera at these frustrating jelly fish playing hide and seek as they weaved through one lonely beam of light shining through the tank.

She looks nuts...something that is working in her favor because all the other people at the aquarium are giving her a wide berth. And when they don't and they dare to desecrate her image by standing beside her and either a) showing up as a reflection in her image or b) ruining her shot by using their on camera flash, she quickly turns around and glares accusingly at them.

When she isn't practicing her mean stare she is cursing out some poor woman named "Zee" under her breath....whatever did this poor Zee do?!? First of all Zee is the camera...not some poor unsuspecting woman...Second of all poor Zee is being cussed out for not focusing fast enough on the jellyfish tentacles...which is an unfair accusation because there was a huge "operator" issue that was being ignored (hi everyone, new Fuji XE1 user here...waves at crowd)...and secondly the entire shooting set up was not really optimal for the kind of focusing she was doing....shakes head at self from a year ago.

I'm not very proud of the two days last year that the Vancouver public was subjected to the behavior above. I blame it on lack of sleep....or lack of self respect....or something...lets just say my soon to be husband has voted we never repeat it again. I tend to agree with him.....and every time I start thinking I am strong enough to head back to the Aquarium again....I look at the picture above and remind myself why that is not true at all.

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