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How getting your butt in gear can sometimes be a good thing....sometimes....

Sometimes, after a long work day I can dredge up a little itty bitty teensy winsy reserve of energy to go wandering around with Zee. Honest to goodness the main reason for this is Gordon, my enthusiastic, encouraging, patient, fellow photographer and awesome pre-husband (our mutually agreed on term to replace the wholey repugnant term "fiancee"....shudder).

Today we both spotted an Antique market on the way home from work. After a quick wander through we agreed we had to come back cameras in hand. Off home we went to grab our gear and I made the mistake of sitting on the couch....I instantly transformed into a lump of whiny needy lazy momentumlessness (yes that is a blog my rules)....

Long story short there was a lot of moaning...high pitched whining...drama...crying...flailing on the ground whilst Gord and the dog Fred patiently waited me out...surreptitiously rolling their eyes. An hour and a half later I put my big girl britches on and we dashed out to the antique market 45 minutes before closing.

And the universes reward for not succumbing to my couch potato tendencies....discovering a really fun place to experiment with my photography. I'm gonna have to head back again sometime soon when I can explore all the wonderful little stories through out the store....and also part with some of my hard earned money...50% off sale y' and dream come true.

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