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Picture and a Sammich....

I find it very difficult to be inspired and be creative when I am not gallivanting around a strange and foreign land. When I get back home to Vancouver I am always dashing off to one thing or another and constantly put my photography on the back burner. When my fingers feel the itch to push the shutter release button I usually haul out one of my camera's and subject poor Frederico to a model shoot.

But in the interest of not overwhelming the internet with Frederico images, I am pushing myself to on a daily basis capture something "other than the dog". When I can, I pack a camera in my bag before heading out the door...and hope and pray something snags my attention while I am running errands.

So I was out and about with one of my best friends today and we decided to stop in at a cafe for a munch and catch up. Located in the more industrial part of town, the RAILTOWN CAFE makes sammiches to die for. If I was a food blogger this is where I would insert all the amazing sammich pictures that would be guaranteed to have you moaning and salivating....but I'm not a food blogger so I won't....but go have a sammich there if you can....Reuben or the Chicken Club get my votes.....soooooooooo goooooodddd.

Instead what I will say was that the interior of the cafe was inspiring enough for me to haul Zee (my camera) out of my bag and snap the picture above. It ain't a Cambodia portrait.....but it will do for a VanCity inspiration start :)

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