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Slowly but surely I join the modern world...aka FACEBOOK

In my professional nursing life I am the most proficient, proactive person you will ever meet....never is a patient so well cared for as when they are with me (oh dear, the massive massive ego rears its ugly head...but keep reading on and you may forgive me). HOWEVER, when it comes to my personal life....say something like... am the ultimate procrastinator...if you tried you couldn't find a more proficient procrastinator than I. Marta Musa Procrastinator Extraordinaire....I should get a t-shirt made with that...MMPE on the front...maybe a cape too....but I digress.

I could literally spend hours convincing myself not to do something that would take 5 minutes to do. It is the reason I have tens of thousands of unedited images waiting for a chance to work their way through is the reason I haven't gotten around to fulfilling promises to print, mat and frame images for is the reason my website has had the same 20 images in rotation for the last 3 years instead of being updated with current examples of my is also the reason I have never got my butt in gear and started a Facebook page.

But no more of that procrastinatory (is that even a word?). Yesterday I plunked myself infront of my laptop, redisigned my website and converted it from being flash based to html (fancy-schmancy-pseudo-techy talk designed to give the impression I know what I'm doing...which I don't). What does this mean? Well, now my website can now be seen from any device that surfs the opposed to before when only some devices would be so generous as to grace their owners with my website...crummy devices. But enough about after 12 hours of sore bum from lounging on the couch under a 70 lb dog while editing, I realized I should use this momentum and get the whole facebook thing done.....and taaaadaaaaaaaa.....5 minutes later what do you know....Marta Musa Photography a Facebook page is born.

Now the trick will be to see how well I can keep this momentum going and post work regularly....and actually put current images on my website....coz frankly some of my portfolios are looking a tad anemic...I know for a fact I shot about 2000 frames in Cuba and have no idea why I only have 7 images in that folder...oy vey...this is gonna be alot of work.....anyone wanna make a bet and see how long this momentum lasts?

IMAGE : The image above of young boy was photographed in a Cham Village in Cambodia....he was being cheeky staring at me through the I thought I'd be cheeky right back and take a picture. I wish I captured the moment following when he gave me a huge smile after I showed him this image on the LCD of my camera.

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