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Thank Heavens for Procreate

Everyday I am so grateful we had the means to get me an iPad and Procreate. Of all the mediums I dabble in, digital art is the most flexible in terms of being accommodating of my disability.

I say that because right now all I want to be doing is weilding my propane torch and painting with molten encaustic....but...because of life demands and stressors (both positive and negative), my brain is struggling with processing and I am not safe to weild said propane torch.

My brain is glitching and lagging and I keep making mistakes. Putting things in the wrong place, forgetting I am in the middle of a task, word substituting and seeking like a son of a gun (spent 10 minutes trying to remember the word detergent yesterday). And we won't talk about my abysmal balance and all the near "falls" down the stairs .

I knew this was coming, and I know it will be here for a bit longer. But it will be OK. I'm taking care of myself, doing what I can that is within my means and saying no to the things that aren't. Which brings me back to my Ipad and allows me to pace my creating....undo any mistakes I make...allows me to feel productive when I am confined to bed or sitting on the couch. That kind of increased accessibility to creativity allows me to continue to have quality in my life even on the roughest of days.

So here is today's offering. This fella has been in the works for a while. I started and abandoned him multiple times. Last night felt like a good time to finish polishing him up. I have him in 2 versions...the first is my hubby's preferred version....the second is mine. Which do you like?

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