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Jerk of a Fed Ex Driver

See these fine fine lines. Bertha and I are pissed. And this is how I cope with it. Something happened a couple of days ago. It may seem insignificant to the average person, but it left me reeling and raging. And now I’m going to pay for it for the next couple of weeks. Because that is how Brain Injury Life goes, big reactions with poor emotional regulation, and then recover for 2 weeks.

So here is the story. My pituitary gland was damaged when I sustained my brain injury is. Now your pituitary is a powerhouse when it comes to hormonal signaling. Mine no longer makes adequate amounts of Growth Hormone; and this hormone is a valuable part of maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing. You need it for function, maintenance and repair of your neuropsychiatric (mental health), cognitive (memory, processing), cardiovascular, neuromuscular (muscle mass, strength, fatigue), metabolic (insulin sensitivity, fat storage) systems etc. It also means that someone like me is 2 to 3 times more likely to die from a cardiovascular (heart disease) or cerebrovascular (stroke) event.

The only direct treatment option for me is daily growth hormone injections. It has made a difference for me, but it will never get me to my pre-injury state. This med needs refrigeration and costs a bloody arm, leg, torso and head( $35/day or about $13,000/year.)

Now back to what made me lose my ever-loving mind, and why I needed to make this drawing. To accommodate my limitations, my lovely pharmacy ships it to my door. Y’all….the Fed-ex driver didn’t bother delivering it; and instead left it at a drop off location and didn’t scan it into the system. So Fed ex couldn't find it. So yeah they lost it. There were, ragey, angry phone calls. The hubby took over to protect Fed-ex from Bertha. The lovely pharmacy pitched in. Long story short…the box was found 24 hours later. So many…so very many things went wrong. And I’m still effing mad and want to burn someone's house down. But I made this drawing instead. Imma call it "Jerk of a Fed-Ex Driver" #BrainInjuryLife

A mandala with a ring of pinkish red Peonies at the center and a lace like pattern of fine yellow lacey linework around the ring of peonies. Illustration is drawn against a grey background
Peonie Mandala

Twenty four hours later I made a second drawing...and though still wanna smack the living daylights out of the Fed-ex driver....but courtesy of these drawing, I'm past wanting to burn the driver's house down...Imma celebrate that small win. 🤷🏾‍♀️

A contour line drawing of a single Mandala blossom in pink/burgandy.  Surrounding the columbine is a lace like pattern of fine gold lacey linework.. Illustration is drawn against a deep burgandy background
Columbine Mandala


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