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Go Fuck Yourself With A Pineapple....Sideways

Who else is this pissed off? I’m just so tired of life’s BS and it’s toll on my mental health. Every time life, it’s circumstances, a person, a thought or a feeling try to exact an expensive toll on my wellness...well, this thought goes through my mind...and it reminds me to guard my wellness.

Go ahead and give it a try....feel free to substitute “Jackfruit”, “Cactus”, “Cauliflower “, whatever, for Pineapple. Trust me, it works. You are welcome (This beauty took 21 hours to create, that is how committed I am to telling life’s shit to )

Digital illustratrion of overlapping Pineapples and Tropical Foliage (in varying shades of green) around the edges of a light green page.  In the center of the page are the words "Go Fuck Yourself With A Pineapple...Sideways"
Go Fuck Yourself with a Pineapple Sideways

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