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Cassowary Magic

The first time I saw a picture of a Cassowary I remember thinking “No Way!!!!!!”

I mean Ostriches are normal to me because of my childhood in Kenya....but they are nothing like Cassowaries. Like seriously....that crest...the wild colouring....the chonky feet. They look like escapees from a Jurassic Park movie animatronics department.

My Animal Biologist heart goes ba-bump ba-bump when I think of seeing one in it’s natural environment. One day I dream of travelling again and just overindulging in the unique zoological experience of new to me parts of the world. Fair warning, if I ever saw a Cassowary I may squeal and fully nerd out....same goes for a Quokka, or Kangaroo....or pretty much any other animal I am obsessed with. Until then, I will continue to make the line drawings.

Contour drawing of a Cassowary in profile drawn against a yellow background.  The crest of the cassowary is a pale liliac, his face is a bluish/purple and his neck folds a red to orange gradient

Cassowary contour drawing framed in a dark frame and on a shelf with books and a vase with dried flowers.  The shelf is against a bright white wall.  There are three pendent light bulbs hanging to one side of the pendent.

Credit for the mockup - Designed by jcomp/Freepix


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