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Multi-Disciplinary-Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Artist

So, when you are a multidisciplinary artist (aka an artist totally and utterly incapable of limiting themselves to just one medium), it is frowned upon to put all your different creations on one website/social media account etc. (Silly rule right?!?!) Now....I barely have the cognitive reserves to deal with one website...let alone 10 different ones. Seriously, I refuse to have a separate website for whatever new medium grabs my fancy. So I'm gonna say "Screw It" and just do me. Imma pioneer my version of a multi-disciplinary-Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink Website. So Bertha and I have been slowly plugging away at it. And today was the first step towards making this random thing happen the way we want it to. In an effort to help online visitors understand what my creativity is about I've decided this image is going to be the introduction to my online space. Whatcha it confusing and random enough for you?

Picture of Black woman with short hair looking up at a mind map of various paths and icons.  The icons include various dogs, ink pen, paint brush, tube of paint, propane torch, palatte knife, camera, printmaking equipment, syringe, pills, sthetescope, nurses hat and a light bulb

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