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Forget the Creative Outcome

One of my favorite things about establishing a daily creative practice focused soley on "exercising creative thinking" rather than on the "outcome", is that it allows me to do things just for the sake of doing them.

What I mean by this is that every time the random thought "I wonder what would happen if I did X?" pops into my head, I am more likely to give it a go than not to for fear of a "bad" creative outcome. Some of my best pieces were built on skills I learned while making some really really bad art. A few years back I set myself a daily goal of shooting and sharing one image every day. It was so easy to find daily inspiration on my travels to and from work. But 3 months into that year was when I sustained my brain injury...and suddenly my days were spent predominantly at home or attending medical/rehab appointments. I could have given up on my project at that point, but my stubbornness and this philosophy about creativity were what drove me to look for new and different ways to create images within my new restrictions. So I started photographing the dogs in costume.....I went through a fun period of photographing wisps of smoke.....loads of late night landscapes and another favorite was using my scanner bed as a camera! That is where this image of a fern came from. It isn't anything fancy....but I love that I thought of a different way of photographing a fern! All of this to say to you all....just follow the random creative thoughts in your head. As long as they are safe thoughts that is. Sometimes our wackiest impulses lead to some rather fun bodies of work. .

An image of a blue green fern branch on a white background
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