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Perspective is everything

I call this beauty "Perspective Is Everything" Seriously you guys, the last few weeks have been a supreme exercise in not face palming myself into bruised oblivion. Bertha (my oh so impulsive, emotionally unregulated brain injury) just wants to yell profanity at and debate every unfortunate idiot that crosses our on the other hand, I don't have the cognitive reserves to tolerate those kinds of shenanigans. After a couple of days of letting Bertha rant, I thought we would try a different strategy today. This situation is so absurd that there is no way that absurdity couldn't function as some sort of fodder for humour. Seriously y'all, anti-racism is not rocket surgery (one of my husbands idioms). So, Bertha and I sat down on our new IPad Pro, warmed up Procreate and engaged in some cathartic political comicing (or whatever one calls it. You guys....I think I found another tool, to add to my creativity and wellbeing kit! DON'T even think of judging me... art activism is a real thing and healthier than ranting and raving (atleast that is what I keep telling Bertha...fingers crossed it keeps working)

Cartoon of a woman saying "I think if there was racism I'd see it!" .  Behind her is a giant elephant wearing a KKK outfit

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