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When you need to laugh...

If you have followed me for more than a hot minute, you know that I think humour is a underrated tool to enhance your wellbeing. If you know me in real life, you know I love looking for the absurd in the everyday...just so I can have an excuse to weave a funny story and have laugh. But when life gets too rough like it has been over the last few weeks and months, I know it is hard to find laughter in the present. So I allow myself to look to the past for comic relief. My first go always is at my images from my costumed Freddy and Carmela project...and I remember the hilarity of the weekly shoots...memories of hats and wigs flying off as they leapt for treats....the much drool...and as I reminisce, everything shifts and before I know it, the world is a magical place again. So today I thought I would again share some of my favorite pics of my goofy kids...because having a giggle qualifies as self care...and that is my professional judgement as a medical professional!

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