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All this heightened Awareness and Stress

I bet I'm not the only person who has had everything catch up with them this weekend. All the hypervigilance....listening to the constant barrage of opinions.....bearing witness to the never ending tide of shared painful experiences...seeing the worst sides of humanity while at the same time having our faith restored by amazing exemplars of humanity. I don't want to miss a single experience...not a single opportunity to witness and contribute to change. But like many of you I can't keep up this pace. Imagine my surprise when my body decided to rebel and remind me that in addition to being a black woman...I also happen to be one that shares my mind with a brain injury that isn't tolerant of this perpetual state of heightened awareness and stress. So today when I woke up and was word seeking/substituting...and was unbalanced and weaving all over the house, I couldn't lie to myself anymore. The treatment as usual was lots of puppy snuggling and kisses....a very very long nap...a delicious blood chilling suspense filled audiobook...a few hours of soothing repetitive line drawing.....and Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream. How are you guys taking care of yourself?

Contour line drawing of a Devon Rex Cat

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