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Brothers are Assholes

We all need a laugh so I thought I would share this story with y'all. Today I bought myself an IPad so I could start doing digital illustrations in Procreate...I've been putting it off for a long time because though I love Procreate, Apple anything and I do not get isn"t intuitive for me like the android platform is...and I usually end up with me cussing Steve Jobs when I have to deal with one of his devices.

So...I texted my brother from another mother Neil to help with the set up. That's him with in the picture with the big piece of meat heading towards his face. Yes I picked the one picture he would hate to share....because me it will make sense. And this is literally how the conversation went.

Neil stuffing his face with ribs, in a most undignified way

ME: God-dammit the stupid thing turned off, how do I turn it on again?

NEIL: Just say IPad On. ME: iPad On!!! IPAD ON!!! GODDAMMIT TURN ON!!! (Pauses and thinks...maybe I need to ask Siri to do this) Siri turn iPad on....SIRI...IPAD ON!!!! (Realization hits me that Neil is just messing with me so he can have a laugh)

Payback is gonna be sweeeeeeet. I'm coming for you.

Articles author, Marta, a Black woman staring at camera with a look of resignation

Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself....also, brothers are assholes

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