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Rescued by Crows

I had the most magical experience today. . I'm in the thick of month long back to back medical treatments / assessments / appointments that are eating into my limited functional really not as much time to do what I want to do (my art .. christmas stuff...or GASP....even my birthday....I'm strongly considering rescheduling my birthday to next month....but I digress) I walk out of a doctor's appointment today and I'm feeling a bit low because of the constant reminders of the ways my body is malfunctioning ...and my inability to keep up with the work neccessary to support my body. My medical team is amazing...but fellow travellers on the Chronic Illness Adventures can attest to this...there is only so much talk of your brokenness you can stand. So I walk out to our car and lo and behold if there wasn't a message from the universe just waiting for me. The car was surrounded by hundreds of crows enroute to their nightly roost at Still Creek. (For those unfamiliar with my work, I have been photographing the crows at their nightly roost since 2015) It just lifted me up so much!!! It was only 3 pm in the these crows were an hour earlier than they should have been. But there they were. I know it is a really self centered thought...but It really felt like they showed up just for if to say "Just get through this stretch and we will see you and Luther (my camera) at our usual spot on Still sure to get a picture of our good side"

Mixed Media piece on cradled wood panel.  Silhouette of power lines with crows on the panel

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