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I freely admit I’m the kind of Doggy mama who makes people shake their heads. I speak incessantly about them…I cuddle them, kiss them, baby talk them and think nothing about ascribing beliefs, and attitudes to each pup. I’ve been known to have conversations with both pups…vocalizing all parts of the conversation…with different voices representing Fred and Carmela….Carmela has a lisp. Why am I telling you this? Well, because I’m also the annoying doggy mama that loves to take portraits of both Freddy and Carmela ….and like human kids, they get irritated with my directions to “Sit Still so Mahmah Lady Can Get a Picture”. Here is evidence of what happens during today's 1-minute photoshoots. . With Freddy you see him start off happy and excited about the treat I’m waving about…and within a few frames you see him clue in and think “Jeysus…Mooommm…stop taking my picture”. Carmela you can see is a lot worse than he is…she just squints in a judgmental way at me as I shoot…and makes a point of moving her various body parts so that each frame includes an inconvenient wonky nose, ear or eye. I should have known better than to interrupt their deck sunbathing time with my silly mommy needs. They make life so much fun these two .

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