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The pleasure of a collapsing barn..

Today we went to lunch with Uncle Don and Auntie Lois to celebrate Uncle Don's birthday. I really thought I would catch one shot at some point during the day but was wowed that I was as prolific as I turned out to be.

Firstly of all I had the best Kalamari I ever had in my life...and in the least likely of places..."Adrians at the Airport" a restaurant at the local airport/airstrip. It was just ridiculously amazing...perfectly battered...perfectly cooked...perfectly inspires me to consider food blogging...but I digress....where was I going...right...let me refocus again ( damned concussions that scramble a persons brains).

So we are at the Langley Airport (didn't even know there was one)...and across the street Auntie Lois points out a barn that has collapsed during a recent windstorm. Ofcourse Gord and I just HAAADDD to go over there and photograph it. So across we went and introduced ourselves to the a lovely woman, her grandson and cute little pup Charlie who happened to be in the yard. She agreed to let us photograph the barn cautioning us not to go inside because it was very unstable. I love how welcoming and generous our fellow BC'ers are!

So off we both went camera in hand to get our shots...and this is what I ended up with.

Funny enough in one of the Barns we noticed a Canada Goose nested and guarding its looked on at us with an angry angry glare as if to say "Quit pointing your camera at me!"

After circling the building to find just the perfect way to capture the dilapidated state of the barn I finally was able to see the image below. Careful not to stand too close to the barn (you could hear the building creaking away in the wind) I made this image.

Feeling lucky that we had been granted the permission to capture this, we thanked the homeowners before bidding them goodbye.

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